Available for Adoption

Our rescues are all special needs, endangered or critical circumstance street animals. Occasionally, some have spent some time at small foreign safehouses or shelters.


URGENT CODE RED! URGENT!!! Please help James!!! Time has run out with his foster, and we need to find a place for him immediately. We literally have NO options for him right now.

James was abused, beaten and left for dead on the streets of Nepal. We rescued him from Nepal with our local partners at Sneha’s Care in November and transported him to a home in the U.S. we had committed for him before leaving Nepal. Sadly, one of the dogs in that home attacked him and he obviously could not stay. He went to a foster home where this trauma retriggered him in an unfortunate situation with another dog in the foster home. We then found the perfect foster-to-adopt home for this adorable boy but the landlord at the adopter’s new home would not allow a dog. It was devastating for all because of the incredible love they shared.

James loves everyone he meets. He is amazingly trusting of humans, despite what he has experienced at the hands of people. This boy deserves a family and a loving home and has been waiting all of his life. We need a home or foster immediately. James is in Colorado but could be homed anywhere we find a suitable home we can screen for his special emotional needs.

James is a 2-year-old 30lb neutered male rescued from Nepal and is currently in the Denver/Boulder area. Possible Spitz/Shibu Inu/Shepherd mix. We need to find a place for him to land immediately. He loves people, loves to snuggle and has already learned to sit. He is smart, easy to train and eager to learn and please. James is very affectionate and playful. He loves to go on walks and is housetrained. He does not like to be left alone for long periods. He can stay in a wire kennel for brief periods. He rides well in the car and will ride with you everywhere and wait patiently for you in the car.

He is a happy and sweet boy, despite a history of abuse and abandonment, but because of his past, he has some special needs. He can be reactive to some dogs and ok with others, so he needs someone who is experienced with dogs, understands where he is at and can provide patience and training in an environment where he can feel safe and gain confidence. Right now because of his bad experiences, he is leash reactive. We have trainers who can help work on this. He needs a home where someone is home most of the day or can take him to work and has the time to work with him on training. No cats. No children. No small dogs and ideally no other dogs but could be with one, maybe two very balanced dogs who can show him the way. He needs a calm environment and exercise. A big yard would be great.

James was one of the stars in our Giving Tuesday video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWyjfripbWU&t=1s

You can help James by sharing. Please send inquiries to info@theinsideandout.com.

More on James’ story:https://www.facebook.com/InsideOutHumanitourismAdventures/posts/10155891179148653


Little Grayson is such a sweet little boy who has suffered so much already. He was attacked by a bigger dog and the front part of his jaw was mutilated. Life on the street is even tougher for a small dog.

Grayson was found and taken to Sneha’s Care where the front part of his lower jaw was removed and the back part was reconstructed and pinned. When we first arrived, Grayson still had his pin apparatus, but now he has had it removed and has function of his mouth again.

More on Grayson’s story: https://www.facebook.com/snehazcare/posts/960062120809459

This little cutie pie can eat on his own. He will always have his little tongue sticking out since the part of the jaw that normally retains it is gone. But how cute is that???

Grayson is about 6 months old, male, vaccinated, neutered and about 20lbs. He gets along well with other dogs but is picked on and bullied at the shelter and always ends up at the bottom of the pile. He needs a home where there is a more gentle and playful environment for him to thrive in. He loves to play and be silly. He gets along with most other dogs otherwise, cats are unknown.